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Plaa Goong
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It's a "Thai Street Food" menu Extension with added dishes this week. 

(Fri 10th & Sat11th July 2020)

Remember those amazing food experience (of course!)  you had?  some 6,000 miles aways, on the other side of the world? 

We have brought it here to you in Storrington for a second week.

Let us remind you with of some of those delicious dishes ;

 "Som Tum" Green Papaya Salad with BBQ chicken on the beach?

 "Moo Ping" Marinated pork on skewer with sticky rice at 5 am. in the morning ? (after a night club)

Also, there isn't better time to enjoy "Mango & Coconut Sticky Rice Desert" as it is  now in season.

We have decided to extend this menu for a another week with selected dishes to suit the summer evening meal..

Get additional 10% credit in reward points on your account for all orders placed by Wednesday of the week.  You can spend this credit on your future orders.

Stuart & Pitak